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We are recruiting all classes and levels! You can apply to the guild here or speak to one of our members in-game for an invite!
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Guild News


Ainsoph613, Jul 15, 11 12:57 AM.
Thanks to Nowayout, we now have Vent!

Port: 4036
Password: urlucky

Grats to Nowayout!

Ainsoph613, Jul 14, 11 8:19 PM.
Ladies and Gentlemen... our newest level 50 member - NOWAYOUT!


Ainsoph613, Jul 2, 11 3:37 AM.
Members of all ranks (even recruits!) can now invite others to join Nightbreed! So if you've enjoyed playing with someone and you think they'd fit in with us, go ahead sign 'em up!

Guild Bank Access

Ainsoph613, Jul 2, 11 3:33 AM.
    *Update* We got our 2nd bank tab today! Thanks everyone for all the hard work and donations (especially Elika
    and her hubby!) Now that we have it, the first tab is accessable by everyone, though recruits and initiates are limited to 1 and 2 stacks/per day respectively. The second tab is only accessable to officers, but if you see something in there you'd like to have... just ask! As far as money goes... it's still deposit only, except for soul mends and those have not change from what is written below.

  • We've decided to make the guild bank deposit only for the time being while we raise the funds to buy a second tab. Once we have the second tab, it will become an officer only tab where we will store blue/purple gear, bags, higher level mats, etc. The 1st tab will then become accessible to all members and can be used for low level mats, gear to be runebroken and things you'd like to share with other guildies.
  • If you would like bags, gear, etc. you can speak to an officer about purchasing these items for a VERY small price. We are doing this in hopes of raising the money to purchase the tab and to fund the Soul Mends.
  • Mend Soul Funds have been set to the following prices:

    •     Recruits - 25g per day
    •     Initiates - 30g per day
    •     Neophytes - 35g per day
    •     Members - 40g per day
    •     Senior Members and higher - Unlimited

  • Please do not deposit grey items in the bank. Vendor them and donate the coin! :)
  • Please do not deposit low level green items, unless you want them to be runebroken or sold to a vendor.

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